What Is Hospice Care?

Daughter and young child visiting elderly male hospice patient

For many, the word “hospice” signals a time of giving up hope. In truth, hospice care is about celebrating life and making the most of every moment by creating the space for a peaceful and comfortable transition for those who are nearing the end of life.

Hospice care is a holistic approach to life enhancement through pain control and symptom management. We achieve this goal by taking an interdisciplinary approach to care, which may include medications, spiritual support, touch and/or a sympathetic ear. By creating an environment of compassion and comfort, people are able to let go of fear and embrace the present moment. We also provide support to family members through grief counseling, support groups and by providing them with resources to help them through their journey.

Studies show that hospice care may extend a person’s life as well as improving the quality of that life. Many families tell us that they wish they had chosen hospice care earlier because they see firsthand how hospice can make the transition from life to death less frightening and more comfortable with a greater sense of meaning and purpose.