"Dr. Borsa has been our primary care physician since my husband and I moved here over 10 years ago. Having worked 37 years in the medical field, I can recognize good care practices and feel fortunate to have her as our PCP. She has excellent listening and questioning skills in addition to a high level of care and caring. She has excellent diagnostic skills and refers appropriately. Dr. Borsa ranks 10+ out of a high score of 10."
Susan and Robert R.
How do I even start to explain how wonderful Dr. Borsa and her hospice team are? I chose them as our hospice team for my husband in October of 2017 and from the very beginning they have been remarkable. Dr. Borsa is an amazing individual always there to help with everything and her team is just as amazing. They were very caring, concerned and made sure my husband was very comfortable; every one of his needs and wants were taken care of. They all went above and beyond to make his last days remarkable. He wanted to go fishing and they made that possible for his last wish to happen without any hesitation. Even after my love passed away, they have been there to comfort us all. They call, visit, share memories, and brought us meals. They took pictures of the fishing trip and came and had the kids make photo collages for the boys to remember their Daddy. They are all an amazing team that cares, and I would never be able to thank them for what they have done for my family. I will love them always and they will forever be in our hearts. Monica T
I wrote a testimonial and a review on Google but they said they couldn't find it so I am trying here . I have to say I have never met a more caring compassionate Dr as Dr. Borsa . She takes care of my grandmother so well Always there to take a call always on top of her medical needs . We never have to wait for a call back . And Antoinette and Torrence and the whole team are wonderful people who put their patients first no matter the time of day or night . To all of you From my heart Thank you so very much . . You are a Godsend All of you made my grandmother so Happy and kept her comfortable and smiling .SP
"I can't begin to thank and acknowledge the care and helpfulness Dr. Val Borsa has given to our family. Her kindness is ever present when we've had to call on her to not only manage our chronic illnesses but our acute episodes of sickness as well. She has not only helped us get healthier but also diagnosed a very serious condition that had gone unchecked by specialists for our granddaughter. This untiring research that she undertook and the time and effort spent on getting help for our granddaughter was monumental. We are not exceptions, we are the rule for this doctor. We are not lucky, we are blessed beyond belief to call her 'our doctor."
Darlene G.
I had Mt. Rose Hospice in my home to help me care for my partner Tom D. They were all very helpful to me. They answered all our question; stood with me when I needed them. The nurse was so comforting to me and Tom. I could not have done it without her. The staff was wonderful in giving bed baths, bringing food, and checking on him. They had comforting words and helped get established with Dr. Borsa. Dr. Borsa was wonderful to Tom. She always answered her phone calls from him, and it made him feel very special. I would like to thank all the girls for their help. They still call and check on me. Julie V
I cannot say enough good things about My Rose Health Center. I was recently diagnosed with an advanced stage cancer and while in the hospital I was bombarded with health care workers telling me what I needed and what they were going to do, often being completely dismissive of my wishes and concerns. Upon leaving the hospital I was referred to Mt Rose Hospice Care and it was like a breath of fresh air. They provided an atmosphere of honest dialog for which my needs and concerns were at the forefront. They make it a top priority to provide anything I need…. whether it be picking up prescriptions or groceries, to responding immediately to address any symptoms I might be experiencing. I chose to remain at home, where I live alone a fair distance from town, and Dr. Borsa and her team of medical staff and volunteers make it their mission to ensure my comfort. Honestly, I could not think of anything more they could possibly be doing to ensure my quality of life, but I would be willing to bet that if I could think of something, they would find a way to do it. Robert B