The Hospice Care Team

Hospice Nurse taking blood pressure of mature man

Many people from many different disciplines make up our hospice team. Dr. Borsa oversees all aspects of your care and consults with each member of the team to ensure the skillful and compassionate delivery of hospice services.

Hospice Nurses

The hospice nurse makes regularly scheduled visits to the patient, according to their needs, to provide pain management and symptom control. Our nursing staff also provides educational support to the patient as well as the family, helping to ease the fear of the unknown. Nursing assistants can help in the areas of personal care, such as bathing, dressing and grooming. They may also provide light household services to maintain a safe and sanitary environment for the patient.

Hospice Chaplains

Our chaplains offer spiritual support to people of all beliefs, cultures and values. Our goal is to share in this sacred time in such a way as to provide spiritual healing, purpose, and meaning.

Hospice Social Workers

Hospice social workers assist the patient and family with the many issues which arise at the end of life. This includes practical and financial concerns, including insurance and payments, as well as assisting with making final arrangements. Our social workers also provide education and emotional support during this time of transition.